About eight percent of Ontario’s Construction workers accounted for opioid-related deaths

Image: Opioid. Image credit: Unsplash/ Freestock

Toronto: Ontario’s men working in the construction industry have been most affected by the opioid crisis, accounting for nearly eight percent of all opioid-related deaths in the province between 2017 and 2020 a new report suggests.

The report was published by Public Health Ontario, the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network, and Ontario’s Office of the Chief Coroner.

According to the report 428 people who worked, or had previously worked in construction died of opioids from 2017-2020 in Ontario which is about eight percent of all opioid-related deaths, even though only seven percent of the province’s workforce are employed by this profession.

Researchers found that unregulated fentanyl had directly contributed to deaths in 87 percent of cases. The rate at which those construction workers aged 25 to 44 lost their lives is higher than those without construction in their employment history. 98 percent of construction workers who were men died from overdose.

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