World recorded its hottest day on July 3

Hottest Day. Image credit: Pixaby


Data released by the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction has said the world recorded its hottest day ever on July 3.

World’s average temperature topped 17 degrees Celsius for the first time.

US researchers said the new record was the highest in any instrumental record dating back to the end of the 19th century, reports BBC.

Scientists believe a combination of a natural weather event known as El Niño and mankind’s ongoing emissions of carbon dioxide are driving the heat, the British media reported.

Scientists at the US National Centers for Environmental Prediction told BBC that the world’s average temperature had reached 17.01C on 3 July, breaking the previous record of 16.92C that had stood since August 2016.

Monday’s temperature remained the highest since satellite monitoring records commenced in 1979.

“The average global surface air temperature reaching 17C for the first time since we have reliable records available is a significant symbolic milestone in our warming world,” climate researcher Leon Simons told BBC.

“Now that the warmer phase of El Niño is starting we can expect a lot more daily, monthly and annual records breaking in the next 1.5 years.”

The month of June was recorded as the hottest June on a global record.