US opposes Palestine state recognition, says state should be achieved through negotiations

Palestine. US President Joe Biden | Photo courtesy: Facebook/The White House

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Washington/IBNS-CMEDIA: The Palestine state should be achieved through negotiations and not by unilateral recognition, the United States said in response to the move by Ireland, Spain and Norway, media reports said.

Washington aired its opposition after the three European nations said they would recognise the Palestine state this month.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said, “I have not heard the logic for how it contributes, what I can tell you is we believe the only way that you are going to achieve a two-state solution that delivers for both Israelis and Palestinians is through direct negotiations between the parties.”

“That’s what we have been driving towards, and that’s what a larger regional strategy is engaging Arab states to try to generate momentum in that direction,” he added.

Earlier, the US’ efforts to achieve a two-state solution with Israel and Palestine living alongside the West Bank failed after the 2007 civil war where the Hamas Islamist movement seized the coastal strip for the Palestine Authority which ruled the West Bank.

Israel counterattacked Gaza strip last year after the Hamas-led gunmen attacked Israel killing 1,200 people.

Meanwhile, the United States has warned Israel against its withholding of funds to the Palestinian authority that provides “basic goods and services to innocent people”.

“I think it’s wrong on a strategic basis because withholding funds destabilises the West Bank,” Sullivan told reporters.

“It undermines the search for security and prosperity for the Palestinian people which is in Israel’s interests, and, I think, it’s wrong to withhold funds that provide basic goods and services to innocent people,” he added.