Unvaccinated Quebecers not medically exempted will have to pay health tax says Quebec Premier

Quebec Health Tax. Image credit: Quebec’s Premier’s Official page for the press


Quebec/CMEDIA: An Imposition of Health tax would be enforced on those Quebecers who refuse to get their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the coming weeks, Premier François Legault has announced at a news conference.

“We’re looking for a health contribution for adults who refuse to be vaccinated for non-medical reasons,” said Legault.

The effective date for the either the imposition of a health tax or how much it would cost to unvaccinated Quebecers was not given by Leglaut.

He said the amount could be more than $50 or $100, significant enough to act as an incentive to get vaccinated.

The details would be revealed in the coming weeks, said Legault.

Legault added that the contribution would be included in people’s provincial tax filings but did not clarify if it would affect those for 2021.

Amid threats by Quebec officials to tax the unvaccinated, more than 7,000 Quebecers registered for their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine on Jan 11, the highest number of appointments in several days, with 5,000 appointments made on Monday, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé reportedly said and added that appointments were made across all the age groups.

Approximately 107,000 doses of vaccine were reportedly administered on Jan 11 alone.