Ukrainians desirous to work in Canada face roadblocks in accessing medical exams

Ukraine Refugees In Canada. Image credit: Facebook

Winnipeg/CMEDIA: Problems and roadblocks including access to medical exams are being faced by the Ukrainians who fleed war as they look for work in Canada.

Still, another problem faced by them is the time it’s taking to update their work permits once that medical exam is done.

Ukranians have 90 days after their arrival in Canada to have the medical exam done and submitted.

For many just getting their physicals is a challenge as it can cost up to $350 per adult, and slightly less per child, adding up to a big bill for larger families.

Some provinces have reportedly said that they need more doctors accredited by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to do the exams.

After the completion of the medical exam, the doctor or health professional submits the results to IRCC.

The IRCC website reportedly shows it’s currently taking 142 days to process that change.

The person can then apply to change the conditions on their work permit.

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