UK-based brewery website temporarily shuts down after their ‘Osama Bin Lager’ goes viral

Osama Bin Lager. Photo Courtesy: Mitchell Brewing Co Facebook page

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IBNS-CMEDIA: The name Osama Bin Laden still evokes a thrill in the hearts of people across the globe and this is evident after a UK-based brewery was forced to shut down its website after a beer manufactured by it and named after the dreaded late terrorist went viral.

Staff at Mitchell Brewing Co had to unplug phones and close their website temporarily because of demand for Osama Bin Lager, reported BBC.

The company described the beer on its website as a ‘light refreshing lager with a hint of citrus taste’.

It named the company as the most popular production.

The beer also features a caricatured image of the late Al Qaeda leader.

The company also manufactures uniquely named Kim Jong Ale and Putin Porter.

“They’re all tongue-in-cheek names – a nicer outlook on some horrible dictators,” co-owner Luke Mitchell told BBC.

Husband and wife Luke and Catherine Mitchell runs the pub and the brewery which is currently trending on the social media for their uniquely named productions.

“We’ve woken up the last couple of mornings with thousands and thousands and thousands of notifications,” Mitchell told BBC.

Catherine said the phone did not stop ringing for 48 hours.

The brewery donates £10 from each barrel of Osama Bin Lager to a charity that supports victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, reported the British media.