The “Halo Gujarat” Event Concludes with a Vibrant Celebration of Culture and Community

Halo Gujarat. (L to R: Tushar Unadkat, Chintan Bhavsar, Shri Siddhartha Nath, Aruna Narola and Mr. & Mrs. Dipak Anand) Photo Credit: Harsh Bhagat


Brampton, ON, November 7, 2023 – The Canadian Gujarati Women’s Association (CGWA) marked a triumphant success with the “Halo Gujarat” event, which unfolded on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the Brampton Triveni Mandir and Community Centre from 12:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The “Halo Gujarat” event was a joyful tribute to the rich tapestry of Gujarati culture and heritage, offering a day brimming with cultural spectacles, musical delights, and a profound sense of unity among attendees. This event became a vital platform for cultural exchange and merriment, illuminating the diversity and vivacity of the Gujarati community in Canada. Furthermore, it served as a prelude to the forthcoming Diwali festival, uniting the community in festive anticipation.

The event emerged as an unequivocal triumph, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to revel in the cultural mosaic that is Gujarati heritage. CGWA Advisory Board Member and event host Tushar Unadkat set the stage with a warm welcome, heralding a day filled with festivity.

Musical performances took center stage, commencing with Viral Parekh’s soulful rendition of Gujarati Ghazals. The musical journey continued with captivating performances by Nilesh Patel and Parmeshi Vyas, their melodic voices enchanting the audience. Chanda Sthankya graced the stage with a beautiful solo performance, enhancing the auditory experience.

Cultural performances added to the event’s vibrancy, featuring a mesmerizing dance performance by Vibhuti Vinchi, Sweni Dindorkar from Nritya Palette leading a captivating group dance, and Reena Shah from Spandan Kala bringing her group’s dance performance to life on stage.

The guest of honor, Hon. CGI, Toronto, Hon. Mr. Siddhartha Nath, impressed the audience by delivering his speech in Gujarati. Ms. Kamal Khera, MPP (Brampton East), also graced the event with her presence. In total, 600 attendees throughout the day reveled in the festivities.

The event also shone with 32 vendors, many local small to medium business owners. They showcased an array of offerings, including clothing, delectable cuisine, cosmetics, and handcrafted items. This vibrant marketplace not only enhanced the event’s allure but also provided a platform for local businesses to showcase their products and connect with the community.

The venue was elegantly adorned with a Gujarat theme, featuring elements such as a hut, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel cut-outs, rangolis, lamps, and props, evoking a strong sense of nostalgia and cultural richness. These decorations heightened the ambiance, creating an immersive experience for all attendees.

“Our mission is to preserve Gujarat’s language and culture wherever we are,” emphasized Chintan Bhavsar, one of the three founding women of CGWA, alongside Supriya Chavda and Aruna Narola, who played pivotal roles in establishing and nurturing the organization.

Mr. Dipak Anand, MPP Mississauga-Malton, expressed his appreciation, stating, “I want to acknowledge all of the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who contributed to making this event a success. Events like this unite our community.”

Ms. Sonia Sidhu, MP Brampton South, celebrated Gujarat’s rich cultural heritage and multicultural values in her speech, presenting a citation to the CGWA team.

CGWA extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, performers, vendors, media, and volunteers who made “Halo Gujarat” an unforgettable and successful event. The organization eagerly anticipates opportunities to share and celebrate Gujarati culture with the broader community.

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About the Canadian Gujarati Women’s Association (CGWA): The Canadian Gujarati Women’s Association is dedicated to promoting and preserving Gujarati culture and heritage in Canada. The organization hosts various cultural events, provides support and resources to the Gujarati community, and fosters a sense of unity and community spirit among its members.