‘The Batman” becomes the highest-grossing film of 2022, garnering over $ 600 million

The Batman. Credit: Wallpaper Cave

Los Angeles/IBNS: Dominating the box office, Matt Reeve’s dark and gritty “The Batman” has racked up $ 600 million at the box office becoming the highest grossing movie of 2022 and being only the second post pandemic superhero film behind ‘Spider Man: No Way Home’ to do so.

Earning over $ 300 million in North America alone, the movie shows positive growth and with the current trend, it may just rival No Way Home’s total gross in the country.

This makes it only the fourth movie behind “Spider Man: No Way Home”, “F 9” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” to do so.

Furthermore, the movie is assured to earn even more, as, unlike all previous WB films, “The Batman” will continue to be shown in theatres exclusively for 45 days until late April, after which it will also be available for streaming on HBO Max.

While a $1 billion collection may seem a bit unlikely and rivalling Spider Man’s numbers a pipe dream as the movie garnered nearly $ 2 billion in 2021, “The Batman” may be the first non Marvel post pandemic superhero flick to have performed as well as it has done against a commercial Marvel flick despite its rather non commercial nature, thus giving a good competition to Marvel’s web slinging superhero.

A hybrid between a superhero action film and a dark noir film focused on detective work, “The Batman” stands at over 2 hours and 56 minutes but in spite of its long length, the film has found no shortage of viewers in movie theatres across the world.

However, one exception to this may be China where it has earned a mere $ 12.1 million, as the country is grappling with yet another spike in COVID-19 cases due to which over 30% of Chinese theatres are currently closed.

Being Hollywood’s largest market, a lack of movie-going in China results in an overall big loss for any Hollywood film that screens there.