Fear of Canadian weapons shipped to Ukraine ending up in the wrong hands, experts warn

Lethal aid to Ukraine.Image credit: Twitter handle of Anita Anand

Canada’s lethal aid to Ukraine. Image credit: Twitter handle of Anita Anand

CMEDIA: With the war in Ukraine entering a chaotic and uncertain new phase, there is a growing concern about the risk of Canadian weapons shipments being lost, stolen, or otherwise misused.
 There is a lurking fear that parts of shipments of Canadian weapons still due to arrive in Ukraine, could end up on the black market or the weapons could be used Ukrainian people by the Russian military and local paramilitary groups.

Military aid to Ukraine including anti-tank systems, rockets, handguns, machine guns, and ammunition valued in the tens of millions of dollars had been pledged by Canada since the start of the Russian invasion

Those weapons are being provided exclusively to Ukraine’s ministry of defense and its armed forces but experts reportedly say that it is difficult to find out where those weapons might eventually end up.

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