Renewable energy initiatives in Sikkim is being driven by WFUNA Foundation India, Youth of India Foundation


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IBNS: In an event poised to shape the future of renewable energy, the WFUNA Foundation and Youth of India Foundation recently hosted a panel discussion titled ‘Youth Accelerating Tripling-Up Renewables’ at the Sikkim Manipal University.

The event highlighted the importance of becoming self-reliant in renewable energy, especially in the Northeastern region and the advanced leadership undertaken by Sikkim to mitigate climate change to a new level through renewable energies.

The focal point of the discussion was the “Tripling-Up Renewables” initiative introduced on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly and paving the way for COP28.

This initiative represents an endeavour to expedite the worldwide transition to renewable energy sources while substantially reducing carbon emissions.

The Youth of India Foundation is a registered youth-led movement known for its innovative campaigns since 2015.

Several of its campaigns have been showcased at the United Nations General Assembly and recognized as among the “World’s Top 5 Campaigns” by the UN agency.

The organization holds special accreditation from the United Nations and played a pivotal role in the 2019 youth climate action summit at the UN Headquarters in New York, where it advocated for a Global UnPlastic Day.

The WFUNA Foundation is a global non-profit organization that promotes the principles and work of the United Nations.

WFUNA Foundation supports youth-led initiatives and works to advance the UN’s mission worldwide.

The WFUNA Foundation was launched in India in 2015 by the then Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, to accomplish a stronger and more effective United Nations so that this unique organisation continues to be relevant to the hopes and aspirations of humankind in the years ahead.

The event at the University was inaugurated by Muralidhar Pai, Officiating Vice Chancellor, Sikkim Manipal University, Srijana Sharma, Convenor & Strategies Management In-charge, Erik Solheim, 6th Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme; Sushma Basvaraj, India Sustainability Head, Salesforce and Sailesh Singhal, Founder of Youth of India Foundation.

The event was followed by the panel discussion led by Sudip Pradhan, Independent Director, Numaligarh Refinery Limited; Prajal Regmi, Ashoka Young Changemaker; Anmol Dhakal, Founder, The Eco Bags Sikkim; Arpan Sharma, Sikkim Manipal University and Ms Deepa Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Examination Committee Coordinator.

The “Youth Accelerating Tripling-Up Renewables” panel discussion drew on the expertise and insights of a diverse panel of experts and discussed the various opportunities available in the field of renewable energies.

The role of Sikkim in accelerating renewable energy has been the prime focus of the discussion.

This event has not only been broadcast live but also received support from international influencers and multilateral institutions, like India-NYC Investors Forum, UN SDGs, Former UNEP World Head and any more.