Pope Francis has called surrogacy ‘deplorable’

Pope Francis. Photo Courtesy: Pope Francis Instagram page

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IBNS: Pope Francis has called surrogacy ”deplorable’ and even urged for a global ban on the practice of “so-called surrogate motherhood”.

He commented while addressing ambassadors at an event in the Vatican on Monday.

“The path to peace calls for respect for life, for every human life, starting with the life of the unborn child in the mother’s womb, which cannot be suppressed or turned into an object of trafficking,” Pope Francis was quoted as saying by National Catholic Register.

“In this regard, I deem deplorable the practice of so-called surrogate motherhood, which represents a grave violation of the dignity of the woman and the child, based on the exploitation of situations of the mother’s material needs. A child is always a gift and never the basis of a commercial contract,” he said.

He asked the international community to universally prohibit the practice of surrogacy.

“At every moment of its existence, human life must be preserved and defended; yet I note with regret, especially in the West, the continued spread of a culture of death, which in the name of a false compassion discards children, the elderly and the sick,” he added.