PAU Pride: Purvika Chhuneja clinches accolades for India at World Folk Festival in Canada


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IBNS: In a spectacular showcase of talent and cultural heritage, Purvika Chhuneja, an alumna of the College of Agriculture at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), has brought pride and honour to her alma mater and the nation.

She secured a prestigious award for her team’s performance in the gidda competition at the World Folk Festival – 2023, organized by the International Punjabi Folk Arts Society in Canada.

The three-day international folk festival, which took place in the picturesque state of British Columbia, Canada, from October 6th to 8th, witnessed an impressive gathering of more than 90 teams hailing from Canada, America, Australia, England, and India. These teams passionately participated in various Punjabi folk dance forms, including gidda, bhangra, and folk songs, captivating the hearts of the audience with their vibrant and energetic performances.

Purvika Chhuneja’s team, named ‘Sunehri Pippal Pattian,’ showcased their extraordinary talent and passion for gidda, securing the third position in the competition. Not only did Chhuneja lead her team as the captain, but she also took on the role of the coach, guiding her fellow performers to deliver a mesmerizing live gidda performance. This remarkable achievement comes on the heels of her previous triumph in April 2023 when Chhuneja was awarded the Best Dancer Award in the All Canada Competition for gidda, organized by Flower City, Brampton, Canada.

Chhuneja’s journey of success in the world of dance began during her early childhood, as she began performing Punjabi folk dances at the tender age of four. Her passion and dedication have been unwavering ever since. She pursued a BSc Agriculture (Hons) degree from PAU, where she consistently exhibited her exceptional talent. In 2022, she clinched the first position in the solo dance category during the university-level Youth Festival. Additionally, Chhuneja and her team secured the first prize at the PAU Youth Festival in both 2017 and 2018.

Currently, as she continues to shine on the global stage, Chhuneja is pursuing an MBA program at the University of Canada, further demonstrating her commitment to academic and artistic excellence.

The outstanding accomplishments of Purvika Chhuneja have not gone unnoticed by her alma mater. Satbir Singh Gosal, the Vice-Chancellor of PAU, Dr. MIS Gill, the Dean of the College of Agriculture and President of the Alumni Association, and Dr. Nirmal Jaura, the Director of Students’ Welfare, have all extended their heartfelt congratulations to Chhuneja for bringing laurels to Punjab Agricultural University and India in the international arena.

As Purvika Chhuneja continues to light up the stage with her exceptional talent and dedication, her story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of passion and hard work in achieving one’s dreams on the global stage. Her achievements in the field of Punjabi folk dance not only celebrate cultural heritage but also reinforce the importance of nurturing and promoting such rich traditions on the international platform.

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