Pakistan directs Islamabad police to move all Illegal immigrants to I-12 camps

Pakistan Illegal Immigrants. Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

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IBNS: Police in Islamabad Police have been directed to shift all illegal immigrants to camps set up for them at I-12 on a voluntary basis within 48 hours, media reports said.

The police directed those living in Pakistan’s capital city without legal documents should be moved to camps.

A police officer told Dawn that there were 54 official camps set up for refugees in the country — 44 in KP, nine in Balochistan and one in Punjab.

However, there is no camp setup in Islamabad and Sindh.

He told Dawn News that the illegal immigrants have been asked to move to the camp at I-2 set up for them on humanitarian grounds.

Another officer told the newspaper that an e-tagging of foreigners residing in the capital legally had been completed and data in this regard also prepared by a unit of the Counter-Terrorism Department.

The data will assist the police in identifying illegal immigrants, he added.