Pakistani Drone Drops 5.5 kg of Drugs near Amritsar Border: BSF Foils Smuggling Attempt


In a significant operation, the Border Security Force (BSF) successfully intercepted and confiscated 5.5 kg of narcotics that were airdropped by a Pakistani drone near the International Border in the Amritsar sector.

The incident took place in the early hours of Saturday, sending a strong message about the constant vigilance maintained by the BSF.

At approximately 4 am on June 10, BSF troops stationed at the border detected a violation of Indian airspace by a drone originating from the Pakistani side.

The troops also heard the distinct sound of an object landing in the fields near Rai village, providing crucial information to the authorities.

Acting promptly, the BSF initiated a search operation in the specified area.

During the thorough search, the BSF officers uncovered a large package concealed in yellow adhesive tape, equipped with a hook.

The package was located in the fields on the outskirts of the village, raising suspicions about its contents.

Upon careful examination, the officers discovered five smaller packets meticulously wrapped in yellow tape.

The packets are believed to contain heroin, a potent illegal substance.

This seizure comes on the heels of another major interception made by the BSF in the same region.

On the previous day, the security force successfully apprehended 5.2 kg of narcotics that were dropped in a similar fashion near the Amritsar sector.

These back-to-back incidents highlight the persistent attempts to smuggle drugs across the border and the unwavering commitment of the BSF to curb such illicit activities.

The BSF has been actively bolstering its surveillance and security measures along the border to combat the growing threat of drug trafficking.

The use of drones by smugglers has emerged as a significant challenge, as it allows them to evade traditional methods of detection.

However, the BSF’s vigilance and advanced surveillance technology have proven instrumental in foiling such attempts.

Authorities are conducting a detailed investigation to determine the source and destination of the seized drugs, as well as the individuals or groups involved in the smuggling operation.

The BSF continues to maintain a heightened state of alertness and will remain steadfast in its mission to safeguard the nation’s borders and prevent illegal activities that endanger the security and well-being of its citizens.

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