Ontario to lift most masking requirements on June 11

Image: Mask mandates to lift in Ontario. Image credit: Twitter handle of Jason Leo

Toronto/CMEDIA: Dr. Kieran Moore, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Ontario issued a statement on June 8 that the remaining provincial masking requirements, including on public transit would expire as of 12:00 a.m. on June 11, 2022, an official news release said.

Masks will still be required in long-term care and retirement homes, and recommended in higher-risk congregate living settings, such as shelters and group homes to continue providing an additional layer of protection for the most vulnerable.

On June 11, 2022, continued Dr. Moore, the remaining directives will be replaced with Ministry of Health guidance for healthcare workers and organizations including guidance on when masks should be worn in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Although masking requirements are expiring, organizations are free to implement their own policies.

Masks should be continued to be worn by the Ontarians if they feel it is right for them, are at high risk for severe illness, recovering from COVID-19, have symptoms of the virus, or are in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

“Thanks to the efforts of all Ontarians following public health measures and getting vaccinated we have made significant progress in the fight against COVID-19. However, I want to remind Ontarians to stay home when sick and, most importantly, get vaccinated and boosted if eligible. Staying up to date with vaccination is the best protection against severe outcomes and will help us maintain the progress we have made,” said Dr. Moore in a statement in the news release.

Any significant changes, including any new variants of concern, would continue to be monitored by the province to ensure Ontarians are adapting to the province’s response to protect the health and safety of all Ontarians.

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