Nigerians express anger on social media over Chinese “illegal mining” in Osun, Lagos

Nigeria-China. Representational image by Huzaifakumo via Wikimedia Commons

Lagos/IBNS: A large number of Nigerians have expressed their anger on social media platforms over Chinese “illegal mining” activities in Lagos and Osun communities, media reports said.

Expressing their displeasure through the Twitter hashtag #StopChineseIllegalMining, the protesters stated that Chinese miners have made themselves lords of the Nigerian natural resources which belong to the people and government, reports Nigerian Tribune Online as quoted by ANI.

They also called on the necessary government agencies to check the activities of the miners at the China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) in Lagos and others in the Osun communities of Nigeria.

“Marching with pride to protect our soil and environment. Chinese illegal mining has gone too far, and it’s time to end it. Together, we can restore balance,” a tweet said as quoted by ANI.

Another tweet read “No more exploitation! Chinese illegal mining is depleting our natural resources. Let’s raise awareness and support sustainable practices. Join the movement today.”