New warnings like ‘poison in every puff’ to be soon on every cigarette

Cigarette. Image credit Unsplash/Engin Akyurt

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Warning labels on individual cigarettes reportedly required by Health Canada regulations set to come into effect on Tuesday.

In the ongoing effort to help smokers kick the habit and deter potential puffers from picking it up, this move was announced earlier this year making Canada as the world’s first country to take that step.

The wording written in English and French on the paper around the filter for every cigarette would range from warnings about harming children and damaging organs to causing impotence and leukemia.

“Poison in every puff,” cautions one.

After the regulations take effect, manufacturers have until the end of July 2024 to ensure all king-size cigarettes sold have the warnings on them.

Manufacturers of regular-size cigarettes and little cigars with tipping paper and tubes would have until the end of April 2025 to have the warnings on them.