‘My job as a music director was to support the gradual rise of storyline,’ Rupam Islam of ‘Nikhoj’

Nikhoj. Ayan Chakraborti (L) and Rupam Islam (R) | Photo courtesy: Facebook/Rupam Islam


Kolkata/IBNS: After the first song ‘Nikhoj Tui’, Hoichoi has recently unveiled the second track titled ‘Aashbe Bole’ of its Swastika Mukherjee and Tota Roy Choudhury starring upcoming crime-drama series ‘Nikhoj’.

With Ayan Chakraborti’s ‘Nikhoj’, National Award winning singer-composer Rupam Islam marked his web debut as a music director.

Sharing his experience of working for ‘Nikhoj’, Rupam says, “It feels great. My rapport with Ayan is at a different level. Like in every friendship, we love as well as quarrel. When we collaborate, we try to understand each other’s spirit. The entire journey was exciting. So the music was exciting too.”

“My job as a music director was to support the gradual rise of the storyline. Not just writing and directing music, I believe background scores are equally important in reflecting the thoughts of the director,” he added.

About ‘Nikhoj’

In the web series, Swastika plays a woman cop, whose daughter mysteriously disappears, for the first time onscreen. Tota plays a journalist.

The plot revolves around the daughter of DCP Lalbazar, Brinda Basu (Swastika Mukherjee), mysteriously disappearing following a party she attended with her friends. The well-reputed journalist, Romit Sen (Tota Roy Choudhury), who is both her favourite boss and mentor, is discovered disoriented and bewildered inside a vehicle that is stained with blood.

This gripping narrative unravels a macabre story involving forensic investigations, police protocols, romantic entanglements, deceit, lies, and the consequences of youthful indiscretions. However, at the heart of this captivating mystery lies a mother’s agonising struggle to maintain her objectivity and sanity while her daughter remains missing.

‘Nikhoj’ will be streaming on Hoichoi from August 11.