Messaging app Telegram’s latest update adds improved calls with a colourful new design

Telegram. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

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IBNS: Messaging app Telegram released its 10th update in 2023 which added improved calls with a colorful new design that uses less phone battery.

“Telegram calls let users talk, turn on their camera or share their screen — they are protected by end-to-end encryption and available on every platform,” read the Telegram blog.

We squeezed one more update into 2023 – so you can start the new year with upgraded calls, the largest bot update in Telegram’s history, and a beautiful vaporize effect when deleting messages:— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) January 2, 2024

“In this update, we have totally redesigned calls, adding new animations and beautiful backgrounds that change dynamically based on the call’s status: ringing, active or ended. The new interface requires fewer resources than before, which means it saves battery life and works better on older devices,” the blog further said.

The company said it fixed hundreds of bugs and interface glitches – and added some improvements to call quality.

“More improvements to connection and audio quality are coming in 2024,” the messaging service said.

The company recently added an experimental vaporize animation on iOS for auto-deleted messages.

“This impressive (and energy-efficient) animation is now available on both iOS and Android and plays whenever you delete any message,” the company said.

“Telegram’s free bot platform lets developers integrate any kind of service into the Telegram ecosystem – from simple chat bots to powerful mini apps that can replace any website,” the company said.