McDonald’s tech outages disrupt worldwide operations

McDonald's. Image credit: Facebook page of McDonald's

McDonald’s reportedly said on Friday that a technology outage had caused disruptions in the operations at many of its outlets worldwide, including in Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia, ruling out the possibility of a cybersecurity incident.

Chicago-based McDonald’s Corp. said the problems were not related to a cybersecurity attack, without giving more details on what caused them.

Having about 40,000 restaurants worldwide, with more than 14,000 stores in the United States, the fast food chain McDonald’s operates nearly 3,000 stores, over 1,400 stores in Canada, nearly 3,000 stores across Japan,  and about 1,000 in Australia.

“We are aware of a technology outage which impacted our restaurants…We thank customers for their patience and apologize for any inconvenience…the issue is not related to a cybersecurity event,” Kristen Hunter, a spokesperson for McDonald’s Canada was reported to say.

McDonald’s did not respond to a request for comment regarding how many stores were impacted globally by the technology outage. 

“All McDonald’s restaurants are connected to a global network and that is what’s messed up…Right now we are restarting all systems and we hope to be up and running again as usual soon.” Patrik Hjelte, owner of several McDonald’s restaurants in central Sweden, near the Norwegian border was reported telling.