Latvia faces a shortage of gear, Canadian troops there forced to buy their own gear, equipments

Canadian troops in Latvia. Image credit Twitter @rexglacer

CMEDIA: Owing to shortage of gear in Latvia, Canadian troops deployed in Latvia reportedly decided to purchase their own equipment such as helmets, rain gear, vests, belts to carry water and ammunition.

Due to the fact the Canadian troops in Latvia while taking part in more live fire training exercises meant to deter Russia from setting foot in the Baltic country, they had been buying their own modern ballistic helmets equipped with built-in hearing protection that doubles as a headset.

Usually purchased through online retailers, these equipment with brand-name tactical gear or weapon accessories make soldiers’ existing gear more personal or more comfortable to wear.

In addition, with Canadian troops in Latvia of roughly 1,500 soldiers, including more than 700 Canadians lacking modern anti-tank weapons facing more urgent equipment shortages to counter drones and a dedicated short-range air defence system to guard against helicopters and attack jets.

Their frustrations further increased by the arrival of more allied troops including Danish soldiers with better equipped Canadian-purchased gear making them better than Canadian soldiers in Latvia.

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