Indonesians ordered to evacuate amid Mt Ruang volcanic eruption, Tsunami warnings isuued

Ruang volcano. Photo courtesy: Videograb from X

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IBNS-CMEDIA: Indonesian officials Wednesday warned of tsunami waves following the eruption of Mt. Ruang, which has been occurring for days and is now at its highest level, media reports said.

Indonesia’s National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure, known as BNPB, said Mt. Ruang, located in the North Sulawesi province, “experienced an explosive eruption” with a column of ash reaching more than a mile high from the peak on Tuesday before it extended even further to a mile-and-a-half a day later.

On Thursday, there was “another explosive eruption” officials said, with a cloud of black ash reaching nearly two miles high.

Thursday’s eruption was “accompanied by roaring sounds and an earthquake,” the officials were reported as saying.

“The eruption of Ruang volcano caused ash rain accompanied by stones and gravel and reached residential areas on the Tagulandang coast,” the agency said, citing reports from the Sitaro Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency.

“Several residents were reported to have been hit by thrown gravel and rocks and have received intensive treatment.”

People living in the Tagulandang Island area and within a roughly four-mile radius of the volcano eruption were asked to immediately evacuate the area.

According to the Associated Press, more than 11,000 people have now been ordered to leave.

People who reside along the coast were also warned that tsunami waves “could be triggered by the collapse of a volcanic body into the sea.”