India PM Narendra Modi gets bipartisan praise, support for his address from US Congress

PM at the Joint Session of US Congress, in Washington DC on June 22, 2023.

New Delhi/Washington/IBNS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi received bipartisan praise and support after his speech at the US Congress, which saw a full house and applause, with many members from both sides coming to congratulate the PM and take pictures with him.

The PM in a tweet said: “Honoured to address the US Congress. Gratitude to all the members of Congress who attended today. Your presence signifies the strength of India-USA ties and our shared commitment to a better future. I look forward to continued partnership in fostering global peace and progress.

The PM issued a string of tweets, thanking each Congress member for their felicitations.

Thanking Speaker Kevin McCarthy, he said: “Your warm welcome is highly appreciated @SpeakerMcCarthy. Eager to enhance our bilateral cooperation, fostering an even stronger bond between our countries.”

McCarthy, Speaker of the House and Representatives, in a tweet said: “It was a privilege to welcome Prime Minister @narendramodi to the U.S. Capitol, one of the greatest symbols of democracy in the world.

“I look forward to increased economic and national security ties between our two great nations.”

The PM replied to U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who said the meeting with the PM comes “at a consequential moment in our two countries’ relationship. We face common challenges, and share a commitment to keeping the Indo-Pacific free and open.”

“Indeed @LeaderMcConnell, our meeting comes at a crucial time. The challenges we face can be effectively addressed, guided by the values we share. Our nations will continue to work together to uphold these ideals for the prosperity of our nations and the planet.”

In a statement McConnell said: “I was glad to meet today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India before he addressed a joint session of Congress. The Prime Minister’s visit comes at a consequential moment in our two countries’ relationship. India’s population, location, and resources make it a cornerstone of the global economy, and its adherence to democratic values can help tie our nations closer together.”

“But India and the United States share more than robust trade and basic values. We share an interest in keeping the Indo-Pacific free and open, and we face common challenges. India understands China’s belligerent behavior firsthand. Like our other Quad partners, Australia and Japan, India continues to invest in a growing defense industrial base.

“There are opportunities for even deeper cooperation if our countries remove regulatory and bureaucratic obstacles. I am hopeful that Prime Minister Modi’s visit will focus our efforts on seizing these opportunities.”

The PM also thanked Senator Chuck Schumer, New York’s Senator and the Senate Majority Leader, for his welcome.

“Thank you for the warm welcome @SenSchumer. It’s always an honor to address friends at the US Congress. Looking forward to strengthening our ties and continuing our work towards shared goals. The future is brighter when our nations stand together.”

He also thanked Mark Warner, Senator from Virginia, and Chairman, Senate Intel Committee, who tweeted: “Great to be here for PM Modi’s address to Congress! The continued cooperation of our nations – the world’s two largest democracies – is more critical now than ever.”

PM said: “Thank you for your presence at the address, Senator @MarkWarner and for your commitment to our partnership. Indeed, the cooperation between our great nations is vital for addressing today’s global challenges. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future.”

The PM also thanked Congresswoman Nikema Williams, who said “The United States and India are the world’s oldest and largest democracies. We welcomed Indian Prime Minister @narendramodi for a special address to a joint session of Congress.”

“Grateful to you @RepNikema and all esteemed members of Congress for the special welcome,” the PM tweeted.

The PM also thanked Congressman Brad Sherman and Greg Stanton, besides several other leaders who tweeted photos with the PM.

Colin Allred in a tweet said: “Democracies of the world must work together to solve our global challenges, and today the U.S. Congress welcomed @narendramodi of India to a joint session. I look forward to continuing to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between our two nations.

The PM replied: “Cooperation between our nations has grown over the years and it will benefit our nations and the entire planet as well.”

Congressman John Duarte tweeted: “Delighted to welcome @narendramodi to DC for a historic joint address to Congress. As staunch allies, our nations share common values of freedom, democracy, and economic prosperity. Looking forward to deepening our bilateral relationship and fostering stronger ties.”

The PM replied, thanking him, “I concur that our shared values are the bedrock of our strong alliance.”

Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks said:”It was my great honor to welcome Prime Minister @narendramodi to Congress today & have @uiowa graduate Pareen Mhatre in attendance as my guest. The U.S. has a special relationship with India & I look forward to continuing to build this important relationship! “

The PM said: “I too am eager to continue building the bilateral relationship between our nations across diverse sectors.”

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