Government of Canada releases updated plan to put spectrum to work for Canadians’ benefit

Spectrum. Image credit Twitter handle of Spectrum

Ottawa/CMEDIA: The release of Spectrum Outlook 2023 to 2027, outlining the government’s plans to use spectrum to deliver affordable and high-quality telecom services has been announced by François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, a news release has said.

“When put to good use, spectrum can drive innovation, improve rural connectivity, promote competition and even support efforts to address climate change…public resource …ensure…to strengthen the telecom services Canadians depend on,” Champagne has said.

Spectrum Outlook reportedly supports faster deployment of 5G, improves rural connectivity, promotes the use of wireless technologies to help address climate change, and advances reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Canada government’s spectrum release plans for the coming years has also been laid out by the Spectrum Outlook ensuring that enough spectrum is available for the services Canadians depend on.

Since the release of Spectrum Outlook 2018 to 2022, the government has built on a number of spectrum accomplishments and will also reportedly continue to advance its “use it or lose it” approach to spectrum so that it is used promptly for the benefit of all Canadians.