Google makes major privacy update to Maps, will no longer save users’ locations on its servers

Google Maps. Photo Courtesy: Representational image by Brett Jordan on Pexels


California/IBNS-CMEDIA: Sundar Pichai-led Google is rolling out important privacy updates to the Maps app as the American tech giant is altering the way it handles users’ location data.

Currently, Google Maps tracks users’ real time location and stores it on Google’s servers unless a user manually turns that feature off.

From now on, Google will no longer store the location history on its server and will save the data on users’ devices only.

The California-headquartered tech major also renamed the location history feature to Timeline, which includes information like places a user visited, restaurants the user has eaten at and more.

This feature is announced to enhance user privacy and data security.

As per reports, Google claims the cloud services are safe but storing this data on users’ devices gives them more control, and this feature is available for Android and iOS users.

To further protect users’ data, the tech company offers end-to-end encrypted cloud backups for Timeline in Maps, which ensures that only a user can access this backup, adding an extra layer of security.

According to a report by 9to5Google, Google will send out emails to users once the feature is available for them.

“If you don’t update your settings by the deadline in the emails and notifications you receive, you may lose some or all of your Timeline data, like your visits and routes,” the email read.

Users need to make sure to update their settings promptly to avoid losing any Timeline data, as per reports.