Goods imported for Nepal’s Dashain festival stopped in Tibet due to COVID-19 lockdown

China-Tibet. Image credit: Pixaby

Lhasa/IBNS: Goods, which are currently being imported to Nepal from China, are being stopped in Tibet, media reports said.

These goods are imported to Nepal for Dashain festival.

Containers loaded with clothes, electronic devices, fruits, and other items are not allowed to enter Nepal, reports Nepal News.

The fruits started decaying, Chairperson of Sindhupalchowk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Raj Kumar Basnet, told the news portal.

The apples loaded in some 50 containers are getting decayed soon.

The businesspersons bringing apples to Nepal are all Chinese.

The Chinese government has ordered to stop the goods-carrying vehicles entering Lhasa from the China mainland for the time being reasoning that there is still a lockdown in Tibet after the spread of coronavirus infection.

Chief of Tatopani Dry Port Custom Office, Narad Gautam, also mentioned to the news portal that the import of goods was prohibited.

The lockdown imposed on August 8 in different cities of Tibet due to coronavirus infection is still on.