Frankfurt combines business with culture


IBNS-CMEDIA: Frankfurt, often known for one of the busiest airports in the world, is a financial centre in Germany, and also nicknamed the smallest metropolis in the world.

A global city where international flyers meet comfort and cosiness became a free imperial city in 1220. From 1356 onwards, the Golden Bull decree declared Frankfurt as the permanent city of choice for the Roman kings.   

Frankfurt’s old town with its half-timber houses is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. One can enjoy a coffee, a museum visit or a shopping spree here. The old town and the houses were mostly rebuilt from the ruins of the Second World War which had devastated Frankfurt. 

The old town’s archaeological gardens feature the remnants of a former Roman settlement and an imperial palace dating back to Carolingian times. The Frankfurt Cathedral is located here too. 
And do not miss out on the Stadel Museum with famous paintings. 

Images by Yogesh Tyagi / The Canadian Media