Hunishe, first social media and news app emerges from the region of Nagaland

Hunshi. Image credit: Pixaby

Hunishe/IBNS, a social media and new app, has now emerged from Nagaland, promising to provide information and news to the audience.

“Hunishe?” is designed specifically for Nagaland and is founded by two childhood friends Kevichalhou Virie (John John) and Thejaselie Sorhie who shared a common vision of creating a community-based platform for Nagaland, reports Morung Express.

“Hunishe?” is the first social media + news app designed specifically for Nagaland. Our app aims to provide a comprehensive platform for editors, individuals and organisations to publish news and updates concerning local current affairs, places, and events in Nagaland. Additionally, it offers a space for members to engage with the shared content by commenting, thereby allowing them to voice their opinions and provide reviews, a member of the team told Morung Express.

Kevichalhou Virie, also known as John John, brings his expertise as a Creative Director, Content Creator, Strategist, Analysts, and Editor. With previous experience at Codenatives California, USA (web & mobile app development, AI & CRM services). John John has extensive experience collaborating with diverse teams from various regions, including Hong Kong, Singapore, California, and Chennai.

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