Dara Shikoh Foundation writes letter to UNESCO over Pakistan Hindu temple’s wall destruction

Pakistan. Photo Courtesy: X page video grab of viral video

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IBNS-CMEDIA: Dara Shikoh Foundation has written a letter to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) over the alleged destruction of a wall of heritage site ‘Sharda Peeth’, a Hindu temple, in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Mohammad Amir Rashid was quoted as saying by ANI: “We have written a letter to the Director General of UNESCO, who has recently given the place of Vice President to Pakistan and the site was Sharda Peeth, which was declared a cultural heritage, yet the Pakistani government there has deliberately damaged some walls of Sharda Peeth for the expansion of a coffee house being built for Pakistani soldiers inside POK. while there is also a court order that it has to preserve the cultural heritage, despite that, the Pakistani army deliberately hurt the sentiments of the Indian people and especially the beliefs of the Hindu people across the country on the anniversary of 26/11.”

The president of Dara Shikoh Foundation also mentioned another temple in his letter to the UNESCO which has been systematically damaged.

“This incident has been specifically carried out so that their radical thinking gets promoted somewhere and under the guise of a coffee house, they are damaging the Sharda Peeth despite the strict instructions of the Supreme Court. There is also Hinglaj temple there and within three-four weeks the temples have been systematically damaged,” Mohammad Amir Rashid added.

He further demanded that the UNESCO should take action in the matter and must take rehabilitation and conservation work in it’s hand.

“We have demanded in the letter that the UNESCO Director General should call the local representative and since UNESCO itself has declared it as cultural heritage, then rehabilitation and revival of Sharda Peeth should be done to conserve it,” he added.

In yet another display of atrocities performed on the Hindu community in Pakistan, the administration demolished a revered Hindu temple in Sindh province.

The authorities in the Tharparkar district cited a court order as the basis for the demolition of Hinglaj Mata Mandir, reported News X.

Shockingly, despite an existing Supreme Court order prohibiting it, the demolition was approved, the Indian news channel reported.

According to reports, the action was taken clear the space for building a coffee shop.

This temple’s demolition is not the only incident but part of a broader pattern of Pakistan’s intolerance towards religious minorities. Another targeted structure was a section of the Sharda Peeth Mandir near the Line of Control, the de facto border between India and Pakistan, reported News X.