Casio launches G-SHOCK Clear Remix Edition to celebrate 40 years of G-SHOCK innovation

G Shock


IBNS: Watchmaker Casio on Tuesday launched G-SHOCK’s Clear Remix Edition to commemorate 40 years of G-SHOCK innovation.

With five distinct models in the men’s segment and two for women, the Clear Remix Edition unveils an extraordinary fusion of see-through materials in bands, cases, dials, LCD displays, and buttons.

The brand added fun design touches to commemorate the 40th anniversary.

For instance, the case back displays the artful 40th-anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze, while the band loop bears four stars.

G-SHOCK Men Clear ReRemix Edition DW-5040RX-7 priced at INR 15,995/-; DW-6940RX-7 priced at INR 9995/-; DWE-5640RX-7 priced at INR 15,995/-; GA-114RX-7A priced at INR 10,995/-; GA-2140RX-7A priced at INR 9495/-.

G-SHOCK Women Clear ReRemix Edition GMA-S114RX-7A priced at INR 11,995/-; GMA-S2140RX-7A priced at INR  9995 /- respectively.