Canadian Astronaut, Jeremy Hansen emphasizes space exploration needs visionaries

Space Exploration. Image credit: Unsplash/Brian McGowan

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Ottawa/CMEDIA: As Jeremy Hansen, a Canadian astronaut, reportedly prepares for the historic Artemis II mission to orbit the moon scheduled for Sept 2025, he reflects on the need for visionary spirit  in space exploration.

Besides being a personal achievement, Hansen’s journey to the moon is also a testament to the visionary decisions made in Canada’s past for global space endeavors.

Marking humanity’s first lunar visit since 1972, this mission would reportedly position Canada as the second country to send a human into deep space.

Hansen highlighted the importance of investments and initiatives to maintain Canada’s continued contributions to space exploration especially as missions extend beyond the moon towards Mars.

United in the spirit of collaboration in their shared mission transcending national boundaries, Artemis II crew comprises Hansen and three American astronauts.

Focusing on communication and teamwork as the mission approaches, Hansen and his crew acknowledge the inherent risks of space travel while striving to minimize them.

With their preparation including rigorous training simulations, Hansen’s drive to contribute to humanity’s understanding of space empowers his courage, signifying the visionary spirit Canada needs for its continued leadership in space exploration.