Canada will pursue justice for sexual violence victims in Ukraine, says Freeland

War crimes in UkraineCredit: Twitter Handle of KFM

Calgary/CMEDIA: Canada is committed to seeking justice for Ukrainian women and children due to mounting allegations of sexual violence by Russian soldiers, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland reportedly said.

When asked on Thursday about war crimes Russia has been accused of committing against Ukrainian citizens, Freeland replied that sexual violence was being used as a weapon of war.

Freeland, who also serves as finance minister, said she spoke with her Ukrainian counterpart Thursday to offer Canada’s support.

Describing Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide, Freeland reportedly said Canada would work with its democratic allies to prosecute those responsible.

She also agreed with U.S. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to describe Russia’s occupation as an act of genocide since thousands of Ukrainians have been killed and brutalized.

Pointing to a “chilling document” on a Russian website published 10 days ago, Freeland said “that effectively laid out a plan for genocide in Ukraine, that called for the suffering, the punishment of people who chose, in the view of this document, wrongly and mistakenly to describe themselves as Ukrainian.”

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