Canada Revenue Agency fires 120 employees for ‘inappropriately claimed’ CERB payments

Canada Revenue Agency. Image credit Wikipedia. org

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Toronto/CMEDIA: Following an internal review,  the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has reportedly let go 120 employees who “inappropriately claimed the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CRA first reported in June that it had dismissed 20 employees for “inappropriately” receiving the funds with ongoing investigation of 600 additional cases

On Friday CRA said that it has wrapped up a case-by-case review and that “120 individuals are no longer with the CRA as a result.”

“The CRA takes any form of wrongdoing very seriously, and is strongly committed to protecting the integrity of Canada’s tax and benefit systems and demonstrating to Canadians that the CRA is a trusted and fair organization,” reads a statement from CRA. “When misconduct is identified, we ensure that the appropriate actions are taken to address it.”

Across the country CRA employs 60,000 people .