Canada-India escalating tense relations cause Manitoba Sikh youth to pull together

Sikh Youth Organization. Image credit: Twitter page of Sikh Youth Organization

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With escalating Indo-Canadian tension, frustrated Manitoba Sikh youth are concerned with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegation of India’s killing of Sikh Canadian, Hardeep Singh Nijjar  on Canadian soil last June.

Days following Trudeau reportedly saying in Parliament on Monday that the Indian government may have been involved in the killing of Nijjar  on Canadian soil last June  India suspended visa services for Canadian citizens, deepening conflict between the nations.

“It came as kind of a shock,”  23-year-old Jatinder Singh in Manitoba reportedly said, referring to Trudeau’s allegation.

“It is kind of concerning that it does pose a security threat…if other governments can intervene with Canadian citizens, it’s kind of unsettling in a sense,” he said.

On Saturday, Singh, one of about 35 other Sikh youth who attended a vichaar, an open conversation where individuals can share views, reportedly said that it is an important opportunity for Sikh youth to reflect on how they can move forward and cope as a community.

Wanted by India for years, Nijjar had been active with a group pushing for an independent Sikh homeland in northern India called Khalistan, an issue that has divided Hindu nationalists and Sikh separatists for decades.

Nijjar was killed outside a temple in Surrey, B.C.

Singh was reported saying that this killing can be taboo for older Sikhs since many recall nothing but bloodshed during the violent peak of the separatist debate in the 1980s.

But no matter what happens next, Manitobans Sikhs reportedly said they are prepared to withstand it.