Howitzers donated to Ukraine by Canada prove deadly to Russian forces in Ukraine

Howitzers. Image credit: Twitter handle of Combat Camera

A state-of-the-art weapon that Canada sent Ukraine proved to be extraordinarily effective at destroying Russian formations in eastern Ukraine.

An entire battalion of Russia last week was lost by the Russian forces with more than 100 vehicles and tanks and up to 1,000 troops reported to have been killed or wounded after it attempted to cross Ukraine’s Siverskyi Donets River on a pontoon bridge.

A Russian ammunition depot near the city of Izyum was virtually evaporated over the weekend, , destroying a tank and up to seven armored personnel carriers.

An undisclosed number of “Excalibur” rounds; computer-controlled artillery shells facilitating guidance to them to a pre-determined target were also reportedly sent by Canada to Ukraine. After being fired, tiny wings spring out of the Excalibur steering it to its destination using GPS data.

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