Canada considering incentives for helping incoming Ukrainians including tax credits

Refugee crisis. Credit: Twitter handle of End the Refugee Crisis

Ottawa/CMEDIA: Economic support to Canadians willing to take in Ukrainians fleeing the war is being offered by the federal government in the form of a tax credit, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser reportedly said.

Fraser said after seeing Canadians offering their homes and other supports, the government is working with non-profit organizations on how to best coordinate and “maximize” the offers coming in.

Earlier this week it was announced by Fraser that Ukrainians looking to come to Canada temporarily will be able to stay for three years, instead of the previously announced two years.

‘Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel’ program, is now accepting applications from Ukrainians and their immediate family members of any nationality and offering them temporary residency and the ability to work or study while in Canada.

The government is also setting up a job bank so that Canadian employers can post available jobs and hire Ukrainians,

For those looking to stay permanently in Canada, the government is setting up a separate family reunification pathway with help from Ukrainian-Canadian community groups.

The government has been prioritizing processing immigration applications from Ukrainians due to a refugee crisis that has been prompted by millions who have fled to neighboring countries.

As of Friday, Fraser said more than 9,000 Ukrainians have come to Canada since late January, with approximately the same number of applications still in processing.

The government is also considering the feasibility of airlifting Ukrainian refugees in larger numbers, said Fraser.

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