Cambodian man diagnosed with monkeypox: Reports

Monkeypox. Photo Courtesy: UNI

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A 28-year-old man has been diagnosed with monkeypox in Cambodia, becoming the second person tested positive for the virus since July last year, the health ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

“A lab result from the National Institute of Public Health shows Tuesday that a 28-year-old man, living in Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok district, was positive for monkeypox,” the statement said.

The man had visited a hospital for a medical consultation earlier this month after he had the symptom of genital warts, which had also spread to neck, cheeks, forearms and legs, the statement said, adding that the victim has been currently placed under quarantine for treatment at a hospital.

Health authorities are looking into the source of the infection and examining any suspected cases or people who have been in contact with the victim, according to the statement.

Monkeypox virus is transmitted from person to person through all forms of sexual contact with a person with monkeypox and through direct contact with wounds, body fluids, saliva, and equipment contaminated with the virus, the statement said.

It added that monkeypox virus can be passed from mother to child through an umbilical cord during or after birth if a pregnant woman has monkeypox.

Cambodia detected the first case of monkeypox on a Nigerian man in July 2022, and the victim recovered after receiving medical treatment for about two weeks.

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