BNM protests in Netherlands, accuses Pakistan of turning region into nuclear weapons laboratory

BNM. Photo Courtesy: BNM X page

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IBNS-CMEDIA: The Baloch National Movement recently held demonstrations in Amsterdam against  Pakistan’s nuclear weapons tests in Balochistan.

During the rally, the protesters carried placards and banners with slogans condemning Pakistan’s nuclear weapons tests, the genocide of the Baloch nation, and the nuclear explosions in the Chagai area of Balochistan on May 28, 1998, BNM said in a statement on Wednesday.

Addressing protesters, Baloch National Movement activist Dr. Latif Baloch said May 28 is regarded as a dark day for Balochistan.

He explained that the nuclear tests in Chagai have severely harmed both the environment and human health, leading to increased cases of cancer, skin diseases, lung and liver diseases, typhoid, and other deadly illnesses, as per BNM website.

Baloch said the purpose of the protest was to highlight the detrimental effects of the nuclear tests in Balochistan on a global level.

He alleged Pakistan has threatened world security by assisting other countries in acquiring nuclear power.

Basit Baloch criticized the international community’s silence and indifference towards Pakistan’s nuclear weapons tests in Chagai and other parts of Balochistan.