Bhutan’s village Gogona producing Swiss cheese, other dairy products is winning hearts

ona. Image credit: Unspash


IBNS: Gogona, a small village located in Bhutan’s Phobjikha Valley, is gaining popularity as it is producing fine-hardened Swiss cheese and other dairy products.

The extraordinary production started in 1980s with the collaboration with the Swiss government.

At the heart of this story is the Gogona Gonor Yargay Chethuen Detshen, a farmer’s cooperative, driven by the aspiration to augment their income amid the challenges posed by the village’s high altitude and harsh climatic conditions that limited agricultural practices. In their pursuit of sustainable livelihoods, the farmers embarked on a remarkable journey – the establishment of a milk-processing plant, reports The Bhutan Live.

Despite starting modestly, the cooperative gained popularity with the support from the Swiss government.

Today, they boast a sizeable herd of high-breed milking heifers and bulls, a testament to their dedication. Moreover, the government stepped in with generous provisions, providing them with subsidized machinery and individual pasturelands, further propelling their endeavors.

Every day, the farmers diligently collect an average of 300 liters of fresh milk, laying the foundation for the delectable dairy products that Gogona is known for, the news portal reported.

The cheese production, ranging from 300 to 400 kg per month, has earned the village a well-deserved reputation for its exceptional craftsmanship.

The cooperative not only produces conventional butter and cheese but also western hard cheeses like Gouda and Emmental Cheese, along with a selection of delightful yoghurts.

These products are sold in the local markets and savoured by tourists who visit Bhutan to explore its beauty.