Bengali singer Somlata Chowdhury tours with her troupe during Durga Puja says, we have brought full band experience to Canada

Music. Image credit: Suman Das and Organisers


IBNS: Popular Bengali singer Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury, who rose to fame with songs like ‘Tumi Asbe Bole’ & ‘Jagarane Jay Bibhabaree’, and The Aces band have successfully concluded their Canada tour during the Durga Puja, marking a significant moment during the festive season. Organizations such as Krishti – Bengali Cultural Society of Edmonton (on Oct 20), Amar Pujo Toronto (on Oct 21), UTSAV Bengali Association of London Ontario (on Oct 22), A2 Events, Purple Volt Events of Halifax (on Oct 27), and Amra Sabai of Calgary Association (on Oct 28) hosted the band in their respective cities. They collaborated with the organizers and event partner, Twinkle Starz Events and Probashe Bengalir Adda which aim to reach out to the Bengali diaspora in Canada, particularly the younger generation. The tour’s entertainment quotient energized the Bengali expatriates in Canada. IBNS Canada bureau chief Suman Das in conversation with Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury

Q. So, can you provide me with a rundown of the main objectives and goals you aim to achieve during this tour in Canada

A. Wherever we tour, our primary objective is to entertain Bengali people with our music. So, in Canada, we aim to do just that by presenting Bengali music to the Bengali community there. What makes this tour special is that we’ll be the first artists from Bengal exclusively touring Canada during Durga Puja, which is a unique experience.

Q. How do you feel about this opportunity to showcase your band in Canada, especially after the pandemic?

A. I performed solo in Canada back in 2016, but since then, I’ve always travelled with my band. This time, we’re excited to bring the full band experience to Canada, and we’re looking forward to it.

Q. Do you anticipate any obstacles or challenges during this tour due to the diplomatic fallout between Canada and India?

A. We were a bit sceptical before coming, not knowing how the situation in Canada is. However, upon our arrival, we hadn’t sensed any significant obstacles. We’re prepared to perform and have a great time in Canada.

Q. How do you engage your fan base and manage your public image, both during your past tours and in this upcoming one?

A. I love my fans, and as long as they want to hear my music, I’m happy. We’re excited to entertain our fans in Canada and create memorable experiences for them.

Q. Do you have specific songs or plans in mind for this tour?

A. Our setlist will primarily consist of Bengali songs I’ve sung in films, albums, and various projects. We also plan to include some special presentations that we’re keeping as a surprise. We want to offer something unique to everyone.

Q. Can you share your future plans and inspirations for your musical career, such as potential playback singing?

A. I’m constantly working on playback singing and have already done several projects. Apart from that, my band is involved in different projects and will be releasing new music when we return to India. We have a lot of performances and concerts lined up as well.

Q. With your extensive tour across 65 cities and different places, how do you manage your band’s well-being, especially considering the time differences and potential challenges?

A. We’re accustomed to travelling extensively and dealing with jetlag, hectic schedules, and sleepless nights. Our bodies and minds are used to it, so I don’t anticipate any problems. We’re well prepared for the journey.