Academician Mahul Brahma launches his latest book on luxury in UK site of The Roman Bath

Book Launch


City of Bath, UK/IBNS:  Author and academician Mahul Brahma launched his eighth book- Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury- in the City of Bath in UK,  a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

The book was launched by author, musician and academician John Strachan, who is Pro Vice Chancellor of Bath Spa University. The event took place at a heritage restaurant The Pump Room in the historic site of The Roman Bath.

Bath reflects two great eras in human history: Roman and Georgian.

During the launch, Strachan said: “I am very glad to launch my friend Professor Mahul Brahma’s wonderful new book ‘Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury’. This is a culmination of a series of insightful and persuasive mediations on our culture and I wish it very well.”

Post this event at The Roman Bath, the book was also unveiled at the Bath Business School, Bath Spa University in the presence of fellow academics at the Newton Park campus.

Brahma is a Visiting Research Fellow at Bath Business School, Bath Spa University and he was invited to the UK as an Academic Visitor. 

Brahma said: “I thank my friend Professor John Strachan, fellow academicians at Bath Business School and Bath Spa University for the invitation and their unflinching support. ‘Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury’ aims to unveil a new facet of leadership based on aesthetics that dominates the luxe industry. It explores how aesthetics is pivotal to the multi-billion-dollar “quite luxury” market comprising the uber-rich consumers who are classified as Connoisseurs and Aesthetes. This book is a research-based manual for a CXO as well as a luxury brand to transform into an Aesthetic Leader.”

In the book the author has cited an interesting case study from India on aesthetic leadership of two brothers Ketan and Jatin Chokshi of Narayan Jewellers and how they managed to establish the prowess of aesthetics and design at a very young age in a nearly century-old brand.

The book aims at understanding the uniqueness of businesses that are dependent on beauty, art, design and why these need unique leadership acumen wherein the leader himself or herself has to be an integral part of generating the competitive advantage – aesthetics.

He says in the book, “No matter how unconventional it is to cite the example of a tech company in luxury business, I can’t possibly explain this without citing the example of Steve Jobs and Apple. Steve Jobs created a mythic value for not only him but also for his company – a combination of two contradictions of aesthetics or design and technology. Apple’s obsession with design has made it a leader and Jobs has communicated the obsession with design in every demonstration during the launches. He not only established his prowess as an aesthetic leader, but also established the supremacy of Apple as an aesthetic leader in the industry.”

“Aesthetic leadership may not only refer to creativity or vision, rather it may emerge from insight into cultural, political, or interpersonal issues as well; aesthetic statements on social injustice or crucial cultural concerns; or, at a more general level, provide alternative ways of seeing problems, history or received wisdom. In this way, aesthetic leadership may either complement or contradict more traditional leadership forms, such as politics, religion, or management. It may be that aesthetic leadership draws some of its power from the position of the aesthetic producer outside conventional leadership positions,” he said.

Brahma is a PhD and D.Litt and a TEDx speaker on the mythic value of luxury. He is a luxury commentator, columnist and author of eight books.

After working with several national and international brands in the field of journalism and corporate communication, Brahma has recently joined as Dean at NSHM Media School in Kolkata. He is a former Dean  of Adamas University in Kolkata.