2nd tentative deal reached between ILWU and BCMEA in B.C. port strike

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Vancouver/CMEDIA: A tentative deal for the second time in a week has reportedly been reached by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Canada with the B.C. Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA).

It was announced by the local union’s caucus Thursday evening that the contract caucus will vote in an emergency meeting Friday on whether the agreement should be sent to its membership for ratification. 

There was no mention of a new tentative agreement on the BCMEA’s website.

B.C. ports had been paralyzed when more than 7,400 workers from the ILWU had walked off the job from July 1 until July 13 costing industries billions of dollars.

Main issues employees are striking over included port automation, outside contracting and the increasing cost of living. 

The rejection of the first tentative agreement by the longshore union leadership, calling the decision unacceptable, Prime Minister Trudeau said earlier Thursday the federal government is dismayed.