16-year-old girl from Delhi stabbed over 20 times, causing her death, accused Sahil from UP arrested

New Delhi: A man. identified as 20-year-old Sahil from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr region has reportedly been arrested by Police for allegedly murdering his 16-year-old girlfriend in Delhi’s Rohini area.

The murder of her girldfriend was caught on camera where the attacker was seen stabbing the victim 22 times and even hitting her with a stone.

The viral video footage revealed people passing the area, and surprisingly, without helping the victim.

The arrested person is reportedly an AC technician by profession.

There had been a fight between the two of them the previous evening, the police told NDTV.

“They were in a relationship, but yesterday they had a quarrel. The teen was planning to attend her friend’s son’s birthday. The man followed her and stabbed her multiple times and hit her with stone,” a senior officialreportedly told the news channel.

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister condemned the incident on Monday.