Quebec abandoning proposed tax on the unvaccinated

François Legault. Image credit: Twitter handle

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Quebec/CMEDIA: Quebec Premier François Legault says he is abandoning his threat to tax the unvaccinated because he is worried about dividing Quebecers and wants to maintain social peace in the province.

Legault said, on Tuesday that although he had prepared a bill to be tabled in the National Assembly, he said he realized that the legislation would have divided Quebecers during this fragile time in the pandemic.

“I understand that this divides Quebeckers, and right now we need to build bridges to listen to each other, Quebecers must remain united,” Legault said during a news conference about the COVID-19 situation in Quebec.

“We are seeing growing discontent. I saw, of course, the reaction of the opposition parties. So I think that I also have a responsibility beyond protecting the safety of Quebecers by inciting Quebec to get vaccinated. I also have a responsibility that all of these people really learn to live together. We don’t want a divided Quebec.”

On Jan 11 the premier announced his plan to make the unvaccinated pay a significant financial penalty because they were overrepresented in the healthcare system.

About 10 percent of the province’s eligible population are unvaccinated.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) said Tuesday the premier made the right move.

“It takes a humble man to admit being wrong, and Premier François Legault certainly has shown his humble side and did the right thing today,” said CTF Quebec Director Renaud Brossard in a statement. “The vaccine tax would have opened a whole Pandora’s box for new health-based taxes and taxpayers are thankful it will remain closed.”

Legault is also announcing that gyms and spas will be allowed to reopen on Feb. 14.