Women University Swabi students, their parents protest against hike in transport fees

Pakistan. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

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IBNS-CMEDIA: The students of Women University Swabi (WUS) in Pakistan recently threatened to demonstrate against hike in transport fees.

They told Dawn News that new transport charges from the university to Swabi City were Rs17,500 per student per semester, from the university to Ambar bus stop Rs22,500, to Jehangira Rs35,000, to Mansabdar Rs22,500, to Ismaila/Yar Hussain/Dagai Rs35,000 and from university to Zaida were Rs22,500.

Khalid Khan, the father of a student, told the newspaper that earlier transport fee for Gohati to university route was Rs17,000.

It has now been increased to Rs. 35000.

“It is very difficult for students to afford it,” he said.

The parents of the protesting students demanded authorities immediately rollback spike in transport charges.

“Our parents don’t get enough salary. Parents of majority of students are farmers, who can’t afford it. The university administration should reconsider its decision,” a student of fourth semester told Dawn News on condition of anonymity.

The students also claimed that their semester consisted of four months but the university administration charged fee of six months.

The students warned they would continue their protest if the university authorities did not roll back the hiked fee.