Canada to set a cap on intern’l students’ working hours, worries them about tuition fee, living expenses

Representative image of Internatioan students to get lesser hours. Image credit: Annie Spratt on unsplash

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Canada’s intention of reportedly setting a cap on the number of hours that international students can work off-campus. raises concerns of paying tuition and living expenses if they can’t work full-time.

Designed to address labour shortages in the Canadian economy. a pilot project by the federal government of canada was launched on a temporaty measure in Nov 2022, that removed the cap on the number of off-campus hours international students can work.

Welcoming the announcement,the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations was reported saying that it was a step toward improving international students’ educational experience.

“Allowing international students to work more off-campus hours will help students afford their education and increase educational experiences,” Christian Fotang, the alliance’s chair was reported to say Oct 7.

“This is not only a win for international students, but also for Canada.”

The pilot project is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2023 which means international students will once again be limited to working 20 hours per week starting next year.