Vivek Ramaswamy, Indian-American announces 2024 US presidential bid from Republican Party

Vivek Ramaswamy. Image credit Facebook page

Washington/IBNS: Indian-American tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has launched his 2024 US presidential bid from the Republican Party with a promise to “put merit back” and end dependence on China.

Ramaswamy, 37, whose parents migrated to the United States from Kerala and worked at a General Electric plant in Ohio, made the announcement during a live interview on Fox News’s prime time show of Tucker Carlson, a conservative political commentator.

He is the second Indian-American to enter the Republican presidential primary after Nikki Haley.

Earlier this month, two-term former governor of South Carolina and former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Haley announced her presidential campaign.

She announced that she will contest against her former boss and ex-US President Donald Trump for the Republican Party’s nomination.

Speaking to the media, Ramaswamy said: “We are in the middle of this national identity crisis, Tucker, where we have celebrated our differences for so long that we forgot all the ways we are really just the same as Americans bound by a common set of ideals that set this nation into motion 250 years ago.”