US couple charged USD30K for a ride while celebrating fifth anniversary in Costa Rica, Uber responded

Uber. Image credit: Unsplash

IBNS: An American couple has claimed they were charged nearly $30,000 for an Uber ride in Costa Rica that should actually have been $55, media reports said.

Douglas Ordonez and his partner Dominique, who were recently vacationing in Costa Rica to celebrate their fifth anniversary, said they were left with negative balance following the incident.

Douglas Ordonez tweeted: “$29K UPDATE. @AlturaCUand@Uber_Support are blaming each other.@AlturaCUstated that the 29k amount bypassed security & daily charge limit because we put a travel notice. ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why this amount should have cleared. After 4 full days the 29k was finally adjusted.”

In another tweet, he said: “Uber charged me $29,994 USD for a Uber ride in Costa Rica. They did not convert that into the Costa Rican currency $54 USD. Altura credit union allowed this charge to process and Uber is not complying. Now I’m in Guatemala with a negative balance on my 5 year anniversary. #uber.”

He also shared an image of the screenshot of the bank account on Twitter.

Reacting to his complain, Uber said: “Hey Douglas – so sorry about this situation! We have a specialized team looking into this and we’ll be in touch asap.”

The couple said they could not access their funds while being out of the country and had to wait for the bank to resolve the issue before resuming their vacation, reports The New York Post.