Toronto experiences mild temperature, not to see a white Christmas this year

light dusting snow. Image credit: Twitter

Toronto’s reportedly record-breaking spell of mild temperatures, with next few days to see more of the same unseasonably warm temperatures, Toronto’s White Christmas would be off the table.

The weekend forecast of a weak, low-pressure system bringing freezing rain to the Greater Toronto Area would lead to a grey and gloomy Christmas making many locals wondering when and if the real cold season will take place.

📢 A weak low pressure system will bring a chance of rain & snow, as well as a risk of freezing rain, to S ON Saturday into Sunday morning.
➡️ Risk of freezing rain for the Dundalk Highlands, parts of central ON and the GTA.

Your forecast 👉— ECCC Weather Ontario (@ECCCWeatherON) December 21, 2023

According to predictions of meteorologists this season’s El Niño system could cancel winter in western parts of the country, but Ontario will probably see some very cold snaps in the months ahead.

Predicted to experience the effects of a polar vortex in the first few weeks of 2024, Ontario’s temperatures would see above-seasonal averages in what The Weather Network is calling “a significant thaw event.”

Toronto is expected to get its first major snowfall of the season in early January.

Is winter ever going to arrive? That’s the burning question on many Canadians’ minds as the usual cold and snow seem to be absent this year.— The Weather Network (@weathernetwork) December 21, 2023

Those above-freezing daytime highs Toronto has enjoyed into late December will vanish as the new year arrives, with daytime highs not expected to exceed 0 C for a stretch beginning next Friday, December 29.

Temperatures will plunge to overnight lows in the negative mid-single digits into 2024, with light dustings of snow expected in Toronto on December 30 and 31, with a projected 5 to 10 cm of snowfall on January 4.