Toronto Testing Meetup by a Digy4 Community initiative to host ‘Women Leaders in Toronto Testing’


Toronto/IBNS: Toronto Testing Meetup, a software testing community group, is organizing “Women Leaders in Toronto Testing,” an event that celebrates the contributions of women in software testing in Toronto.

The event will take place on March 24th and is open to everyone.

Digy4, Toronto based company in world of Quality Engineering, being one of the promoters of this community group is proactively taking initiative to bring the testing community together in Toronto.

In the words of Parasar Saha, a founding member of the group, Toronto Testing Meetup group is passionate about creating the community space for individuals to network, learn from one another, and celebrate their successes.

“We recognize the importance of building a diverse and inclusive community as a company, and this event is just one example of our commitment to this goal,” he said.

The event will feature a keynote speaker, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Attendees will have the chance to learn from some of the industry’s most talented and experienced individuals.

The event will have speakers from senior Leaders of Testing from companies like OpenText , Klick and Accenture.

The event is expected to be attended by members from several global organizations.

Following the success of previous and this event, Toronto Testing Meetup Community has plans for more events in Montreal and Vancouver in the upcoming months.

These events will bring together professionals in software testing across Canada.

“Digy4 is proud to be a leading voice in the testing community, and they remain committed to creating opportunities for individuals to connect and learn from one another. The company recognizes the importance of building a diverse and inclusive community and is excited to continue hosting events that celebrate the contributions of individuals from all backgrounds,” Parasar said.

Toronto Testing Meetup group said it would extend its gratitude to Accenture, Applitools, Perfecto and Mega QA for their support to the ‘Women Leaders in Toronto Testing’ event..

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